Thought For Today

Monday, June 29, 2009



I am the glimmer of Hope
In the well of darkness

I am the touch of compassion
On the shoulder of sorrows

I am the comforting shade
Soothing the heat of self hatred

I am the eternal spring
In the desert of despair

I am the cooling water
In the heat of anger

I am the soft lullaby
Calling for slumber and rest

I am the soothing salve
On the wounds of the heart

I am the shining Light
On your path through life

I am the sweet dreams
Of a better tomorrow

I am the healer
Of the wounds of the earth

I am the breath
That illuminates your soul

I am the All
That fills your emptiness

I am the knowledge
In the classroom of chaos

I am the Life
For the living and the dead

I am the voice of reason
In a heated debate

I am the Peacemaker
In the fight of misunderstandings

I am the glue
That repairs broken lives

I am the warm hand
You hold when you need a friend

I am the listening ear
That hears your deepest thoughts

I am the caring heart
That beats forever

I am the Master
Piecing the mosaic of life

I am the vigilant protector
With you on your darkest nights

I am the comforter
Of all your fears, doubts and worries

I am the Always
That is in you , with you, through you

the TRUTH of All that was,
All that is, and
All that will be

Written with a hand guiding mine;
With Love and Light, by Nina P.


mamaof6 said...

Thank you for letting this Light shine. Beautiful.

Leandra Greenmoon said...

wow, thats really beautiful...your poems are filled with so much light whilst mine are filled with such darkness...thankyou Nina.

Nina P. said...

Thank You mama of6 for your kind words of inspiration. You too inspire with your blog and being. Each of us is a wonderful part of life!… Keep being….also keep writing as I enjoy your blog… Love and Light, Nina P

Thank you Leandra, as always, I love hearing from you. I also love how you write, your words carry strength in them… Each word has an emotional impact.. It is a talent not many have… Keep writing!!
Light and darkness are both part of life. You can't have night without the day or day without the night. Both have their place in life... Yet, even in darkness there lies Light; the moon and stars come to mind first, Even on the darkest nights, up above, beyond the dark, there is Light; a multitude of stars shining bright… Even now, we don‘t know how many or how vast the universe is…. I'd like to say Light and darkness are the yin and yang of life. They walk hand in hand... at times, one giving way to the other; sorry, hate, sadness, lack of self worth, way to Hope,forgiveness,laughter and giggles, Love, Peace, self awareness and worth, Inspirations... Rainbows!
I choose to live as much of my life in the Light as I can.(I just like it better, I feel better).. yet when I was younger, that was not how I felt.. It's in going through the darkness, the dark times, that make the glimmers of Light more precious... Write out the darkness as it is part of you and me as well... write it down, get it out of the soul... look for the glimmer of Light through the darkness, let go of the hand of darkness and grab the new hand of Light and hold on; see what wonders await.. I know you won't be disappointed... There are so many things to explore, do, see, feel, contemplate.. Life: so complex with emotions…. Write it down… get it out…. Down on paper.. out on canvas or clay… with each movement of the pen, stroke of the brush or feel of the clay… see, feel, smell, taste, look for the glow of Hope, Love, Light… you’ll find it there beyond the darkness waiting for you… I promise… you won’t be disappointed… Leandra, I look forward to reading more of your poems, your strength and emotions…. You truly are a Glorious soul, and gifted writer. A desert flower opening in the middle of the night… such wonder and yes such Light you too have my friend… it’s there.. I see it…. Love and Light, Nina P.

Clytie said...

Once again, thank you. You are so inspiring! That's why I'm honored to offer you the Neno Award ... stop on by Random Stuff to pick it up.

Caroline said...

Thank you for this! I feel so uplifted right now. Your poetry is inspiring and beautiful. Love and light to you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful words about LOVE, Nina... Sometimes we take it granted, don't we??? I truly don't think I knew what LOVE really was/is--until I met George.


Kitty said...

Beautiful, and very true.

Thanks for your kind words!


had to tell you how much your kind words always makes me feel so good. THANK YOU NINA for taking time to view my blog and leaving me comments.
I find alot of images off google and
ebay, different places.
I love your poem here also - so much feelings and inspiration, I love how you write, I guess my blog
has so many images cause I can't write like you do :) so fantastic.
Thanks for having a loving heart that you share with all of us.
Sending you friendship hugzzz

Jan said...

This poem is so lovely. I was going to select one line in particular to comment on, one that touched my heart more deeply than the others, but I can't land on just one. Each stanza rings true...You have filled my heart with Joy and appreciation this morning by sharing these words. I AM, such a powerful phrase. We are recipients of the I AM's love and we are the I AM to others. WE ARE...

Denny Lyon said...

What an anointed poem: awesome and inspirational! You really have a wonderful deep understanding and have developed the ability to work as partner to your spirit and blending with Spirit! Keep 'em coming - LOVED the Truth spoken with such depth and Love...

As to writing dark poetry, have you ever heard of the phrase "the dark night of the soul"? You are right - we have to experience negativity before we can truly and deeply appreciate the positive.

It's one thing to know about something on a mental level - but to learn over a span of time about it on a spiritual level - develops depth, understanding, greater spiritual passion and enhances our abilities to higher strengths than we ever thought possible.

You are such a gifted poetess!

Terry said...

Howdy Nina P.
What a beautiful way to share Love by allowing your light to shine upon us ever so softly .
Thank you for sharing these very true and lovely words of infinite wisdom .
You are so awesome .
Have a wonderful 4th of july weekend.
Happy Trails