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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miracles...written after someone said "there's no such thing"...

Miracles are around
us every day if we but open our
hearts and souls to God and His Almighty
Blessings. The bee that buzzes by our ear, is a
blessing; the grass under your feet, is a blessing; the
song of a bird, the sound of rain, the smell of fresh cut hey,
the sun and clouds, the rainbow, the snowflake, all are
blessings; Miracles from above. Look around, feel around,
smell around, sense around you , you'll find your miracle
everyday. Its right there as God's gift to you......... Go to
a window and look out, or go outside if you can. If that's
not possible, you can still imagine a peaceful place,
so go ahead, Close your eyes, breath deep, feel the
fullness of life in that breath, open your eyes, and
open your heart, there it is, your very own
miracle, given to you by God's Blessings
every day. Did you find it? :the leaf

of a tree,
a whisper,
a flower,
a tear,
the wind,
the sun,
a smile,
Did you
find it?
Did you
find your
daily miracle?
:the inch worm, a puddle, you can hear, you can see, you can feel, you can breath, you woke up, you can smile, you can laugh, you can cry, you can read this e-mail...
Did you find your miracle? Did you find it?
If not, just open up your heart and soul and it will find you.... Nina P. 6/28/08


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear soul..needed this today :)
Hope you found your miracle of the day as well...

Healingstones said...

Lovely poem and I like the way it is shaped like a tree. Have you read Joyce Kilmer's poem that ends "Only God can make a tree." (If you have not read it - you must! Google it!) thanks for posting on my blog. You have an interesting site - I will be back!

Beth Niquette said...

Amen, and amen! Beautifully done--thanks for sharing.